ABOUT Women’s Power❤💫

This is Amazing


“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” –❤💫💫💫💫👍👍

Don’t say A SingleWrongorBadWordAboutWomenOrAnyGirlBecauseyoudon‘t know The story Of herlifeSoDon‘t judgetheBookbyCoverPlease.🚫

Wealllookuptostrong, independentwomen. Buthowdowebecomeoneourselves🚫

easytogiveintofeelingsofselfdoubtandbackdownfromchallenges. Butthat’s certainlynot what being a strongwoman is allabout🏳🏳💫

✋Ibelieveinstrongwomen…✋Ibelieveinthewomanwhoisabletostandupforherself… ✋Ibelieveinthewomanwhodoesn‘t needtohidebehindherhusband‘s back… ✋Ibelievethatifyouhave problems,

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